Using our E-Shop

Our e-shop is reserved for the exclusive use of institutions whose students are users of BurlingtonEnglish.

Institutions can request class codes from their BurlingtonEnglish representative. They then issue the class codes to students enabling them to purchase their subscriptions through our e-shop.

Please note: Institutions have the option to terminate BurlingtonEnglish for any student who leaves the institution.

The BurlingtonEnglish e-shop offers two purchase options:

Option 1

For students new to BurlingtonEnglish.

Students register directly. The class code allows BurlingtonEnglish to automatically register students in the appropriate class, making class management easier for both teacher and administrator.

Option 2

For existing BurlingtonEnglish students whose current subscription is about to expire.

Teachers and administrators are able to keep track of when students’ subscriptions are about to expire through the Teacher’s Zone and the Administration Zone.