NWACC Teachers and Students are Achieving Success with BurlingtonEnglish

Written by the Burlington English Editorial and Marketing team

Teachers at NorthWest Arkansas Community College (NWACC) are thrilled about how BurlingtonEnglish (BE) has helped students thrive in their ESL classes. NWACC began implement- ing BE in January 2019 in all six levels of its ESL program. When Burlington customer representa- tives Amanda Perez and Ana Maria Aparicio met with NWACC’s Adult Education program for their monthly updates, they were particularly impressed by NWACC’s usage report. They observed that total usage hours had steadily increased in a short period of time. Teachers confirmed that student persistence and retention had greatly improved since introducing the BurlingtonEnglish curriculum. More importantly, they were enthusiastic about the new program and its effects on their students.

The following testimonials provide examples of how BurlingtonEnglish has helped teachers at North- West Arkansas Community College enhance their instruction.

Tammy Huffman, ESL instructor, is most excited about the flexibility of the Burlington program and how it meets the needs of her diverse student population. “Using Burlington in a multi-leveled classroom has been a big bonus for my students and me.” She described how she provides direct instruction to one group while others complete assigned independent coursework on the computer at a “Burlington station.” This structure allows her to better assess students’ pro- gress and differentiate her instruction to meet their individual needs.

According to her colleague, Dora Perea, “BurlingtonEnglish has been extremely beneficial for the students in my class.” She describes how students are motivated by Burlington’s unique Speech- Trainer feature. “They love how easy it is to follow and understand …Two of their favorite activities are listening and speaking. They like being able to record themselves and practice pronouncing the new words in each lesson.”

In the few months that NWACC has been using BurlingtonEnglish, they can already see the positive effect it has had on their students’ motivation and persistence. Here are just a few quotes from their students to highlight the impact that BurlingtonEnglish has had on their lives.

“I like BurlingtonEnglish because we learn a lot of new things, many new words, and also learn about many professions that will help us in the future.”

“I like to use the Burlington with the writing exercises … It makes class more dynamic than just the computer.”

“I like Burlington because it helps me a lot practicing vocabulary and pronunciation. It’s good be- cause I can hear my own voice and compare with the voice program and notice what I am pronounc- ing wrong.”

“It’s giving me confidence to communicate successfully in any situation.”

BurlingtonEnglish is proud to be a part of the adult ESL community – in class, at the lab, or from a


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