Embracing Flexible Schedules in IELCE Programs with BurlingtonEnglish

In Integrated English Literacy and Civic Education (IELCE) programs, offering flexible schedules has become more crucial than ever. Recognizing learners’ diverse needs and responsibilities, we must adapt to provide accessible and accommodating language education. With the support of resources like BurlingtonEnglish, IELCE programs can unlock the potential for individualized learning experiences and empower students.

BurlingtonEnglish, a valuable resource in IELCE programs, facilitates accessibility by providing an online platform accessible 24/7. Students can conveniently access many learning materials, exercises, and assessments anytime and anywhere, aligning their language learning with their own schedules. This flexibility removes time constraints, enabling learners to fit language learning into their busy lives effectively.

BurlingtonEnglish caters to various learning needs through its comprehensive platform. Learners can engage in interactive exercises, multimedia content, and personalized assessments, tailored to their individual strengths and areas of improvement. With the flexibility to learn at their own pace, revisit lessons, and receive immediate feedback, students can customize their learning experience.

The NCCCSO CCR Department has purchased BurlingtonEnglish seats for all IELCE programs. Please reach out to Matthew Brown at brownm@nccommunitycolleges.edu if you need more information on how to access BurlingtonEnglish for your IELCE students.

The IELCE article from the May 2023 NCCC CCR Newsletter may be reproduced only when attribution is given to Matthew Brown and the NCCC System Office.

For more information visit www.BurlingtonEnglish.com.

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