A Powerful Teaching Tool for Student Success!CASAS-preparation-logo

BurlingtonEnglish Prepare for CASAS is a comprehensive program for adult ESL students. It provides easy-to-use practice, reporting, and instruction.


Prepare for CASAS has three components:

Practice Students practice independently using the online Prepare for CASAS  Reading and Listening practice tests for levels A, B, and C. The practice tests are closely aligned and correlated to CASAS to help students improve their test scores and make gains.

Reports Detailed Competency Reports are available for the teacher to track competencies not yet mastered and identify gaps in student knowledge.

NEW! ICL (In-Class Lessons) – The ICL is a set of projectable, interactive teacher-led Reading lessons and accompanying worksheets that complement the independent practice in the Student’s Zone. The ICL lessons focus on life skills and language proficiency as outlined by CASAS. The explicit teaching sequences in the ICL present and reinforce useful reading skills and vocabulary. The lessons include test-taking tips and strategies to help students work efficiently in a test situation. The text types reflect the format and specifications of CASAS, exposing students to real-world knowledge that will help them become successful members of their community.


Prepare for CASAS can be used in two ways:

1. Remediation

  • Test: Students do the BurlingtonEnglish Prepare for CASAS practice tests.
  • Report: Teachers view detailed Competency Reports to identify which competencies need remediation.
  • Instruct: Teachers use the ICL for targeted competency-based  instruction.

2. Curriculum Enhancement

Select lessons from the ICL by Task Area or Content Area to supplement any curriculum.