BurlingtonEnglish is excited to offer our customers a series of Live Interactive Virtual Training sessions to help effectively implement the Burlington blend. This offering is complimentary when you purchase access to BurlingtonEnglish. With more than 50 English language courses, there is a lot to learn; add to that the challenge of implementing a technology-based curriculum, and it can be a bit overwhelming. As a valued customer, we provide you with support every step of the way.

In addition to our face-to-face trainings, we have created another option to help you implement BurlingtonEnglish successfully. These Virtual Training sessions are scheduled on a monthly basis and have been designed to include best implementation practices, product training, and opportunities to learn collaboratively with your peers across the nation. These sessions are facilitated by a team of highly-trained specialists and offer a convenient platform for effective professional development.

Take a look below at the Live Interactive Virtual Training Sessions we offer. You will also see instructions on how to register. The registration process is quick and easy!

Initial TrainingInitial Training (New Users)
Are you ready to get started with BurlingtonEnglish? Join us to take an in-depth look at the content and features of the BurlingtonEnglish Student’s and Teacher’s Zones. Learn how to use Burlington as a blended-learning or distance-learning solution, and leave this session equipped to implement Burlington in your classroom.

Burlington BasicsBurlington Basics
Do you need a comprehensive curriculum for your low literacy, NRS Level 1 students? If so, join us and other teachers in this interactive training to learn about our newest course, Burlington Basics.

Career ExplorationNEW! Career Exploration & Soft Skills
Are you looking for a course that integrates instruction on career pathways with essential workplace soft skills? If so, join us and other educators in navigating our NEW Career Exploration & Soft Skills course. In this session, we will equip you with the tools to help your students explore career clusters, plan a possible career pathway, and master the interpersonal and workplace soft skills they need to ensure success in the workplace.

Prepare for CASAS – Test Practice & ReportingPrepare for CASAS – Test Practice & Reporting
Do you want to help your students improve their performance on their NRS assessments? Join us and other teachers to learn how Test Practice and Progress Reporting within Prepare for CASAS can help your students improve their test-taking skills, achieve higher test scores, and increase their English language proficiency.

Prepare for CASAS – In-Class LessonsPrepare for CASAS – In-Class Lessons
Are you looking for competency-based lessons to enhance your ESL curriculum or useful competency reports to use for remediation? Join us and other teachers to learn how the ICL (In-Class Lessons) and the Group Competency Report within Prepare for CASAS will equip you with strategies to quickly identify and remediate competency areas resulting in increased student test scores and improved learning gains.

PlanningPlanning Lessons
If you’ve completed Initial Training and find yourself asking, “Now what?” or “How can I use BurlingtonEnglish in my classroom?”, then this session is for you. Teachers will leave this session equipped with the tools and concepts to successfully build their own lessons using BurlingtonEnglish.

RefresherRefresher Training
Has it been a while since your initial BurlingtonEnglish training? Join us to brush up on your knowledge of the Student’s Zone and the Teacher’s Zone.

Data-drivenData-driven Instruction
Are your students using BurlingtonEnglish? Do you want to learn how to use the data from Student Progress Reports to customize your instruction? If so, join us and other teachers to “drill into the details” of BurlingtonEnglish Student Progress Reports. Teachers will learn how to run reports, interpret sample data, and collaborate with other teachers to customize instruction. Be sure to attend Initial Training first.

To register for any session, go to the Home Page, log in to Burlington, then click the Virtual Training tile.

VT strip

1. Click on a session from the calendar.
2. Click “Register.”
3. Complete the registration questionnaire and click “Register.”
4. You will receive an email confirmation once your registration is complete.

For more information, click here to contact your BurlingtonEnglish Customer Manager.